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Illuminating Your Brand's Potential: Iris Marketing

Where Creativity Meets Strategy.

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Our Story

Once upon a vibrant evening in 2016, amidst the bustling streets of Lahore, Pakistan, three visionary friends embarked on a shared dream – the birth of Iris Marketing. What started as a spark of inspiration quickly ignited into a blazing passion, fueled by their unwavering belief in the power of creativity and collaboration.

With boundless enthusiasm and a determination that knew no bounds, these three trailblazers harnessed their unique talents and diverse backgrounds to create a marketing agency like no other. United by their love for storytelling and their penchant for innovation, they breathed life into Iris Marketing, a kaleidoscope of ideas and strategies.

Picture this: a cozy corner of a café where the aroma of freshly brewed chai mingles with the electric buzz of brainstorming sessions. Here, these friends turned business partners mapped out their journey, infusing each step with the kaleidoscopic essence of an iris – rich, vibrant, and multi-faceted. From scribbled sketches on napkins to polished campaigns that left clients awe-inspired, their evolution mirrored the ever-changing hues of an iris.

What set Iris Marketing apart wasn't just their ability to craft captivating taglines and eye-catching visuals; it was their genuine commitment to understanding each client's unique story. Like a camera lens adjusting to capture the perfect shot, they honed their strategies to fit the precise needs of every brand they touched. With Lahore's rich cultural tapestry as their backdrop, they wove narratives that resonated far beyond the city's boundaries.

As the years rolled on, Iris Marketing grew – not just in size, but in reputation and influence. Their client roster blossomed, ranging from local startups seeking to make their mark to established names aiming to reinvent themselves. The trio's dynamic synergy became the agency's driving force, infusing every campaign with the harmony of collaboration and the excitement of creation.

Today, Iris Marketing stands as a testament to the power of friendship, creativity, and unyielding passion. From humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of innovation in Lahore's marketing landscape, their journey is an ode to chasing dreams with open hearts and open minds. The story of Iris Marketing is a reminder that when friends dare to dream together, the world becomes a canvas on which they paint their extraordinary legacy.

Meet the Team

Behold the Creative Catalysts of Iris Marketing: a dynamic team where innovation thrives, stories come to life, and brands find their distinctive voice. With a fusion of diverse talents and a shared passion for crafting compelling narratives, we transform ideas into impactful campaigns that resonate and captivate. Together, we are the architects of imagination, weaving success for every client we touch

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Muhammad Mohsin Ali

Meet Mohsin, the visionary Strategic Director with 10 years of experience, crafting data-driven solutions and harmonizing diverse talents for unified success. Adept at distilling complexity into actionable strategies, Mohsin leads with inspiration, guiding businesses through uncharted waters with foresight and agility.

Ch Abdullah Baber.png

Operational Director 

Ch Abdullah Baber

Introducing our Operational Director, the orchestrator of seamless efficiency and impeccable execution. With a mastery of logistics and a commitment to excellence, they ensure every project unfolds flawlessly, aligning teams and resources with strategic precision. Behind the scenes, they transform vision into reality, making the complex appear effortless.

Muhammad Ahsan Ali.png

Creative Designer

Muhammad Ahsan Ali

Meet our Creative Designer, the maestro of visual enchantment who turns ideas into captivating realities. With an artist's eye and a strategist's mind, they breathe life into concepts, infusing them with aesthetic brilliance and brand magic. Through pixels and imagination, they craft experiences that linger long after the first glance.

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Business Development

Muhammad Hassan Ali

Meet Muhammad Hassan, our dedicated Business Development Incharge, the visionary architect of our company's growth and success. With a wealth of experience, Hassan possesses the strategic acumen and hands-on expertise to identify opportunities, forge critical partnerships, and steer our business toward new heights. 

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